Thursday, 10 August 2017

Summer Glow

With just getting back from Cyprus (Sorry I haven't posted much AT ALL), I've found myself using more and more bronzer to help keep up the tan. It's something I've learned to love, but can also go dramatically wrong. A day doesn't go by without wearing it now, so I thought I'd share some of my all time faves that have always kept their place in my suitcase for the past couple of years. Here's a little something to help you, whether you're jetting away on holiday (you lucky thing) or just want a sun kissed look day to day.

Each individual in their own way, I use each of these bronzers for different reasons.

Benefit Hoola (£24.50 - Boots) - Something that has been a statement in the collection over the past two-three years, something that I will forever treasure. Perfect for my skin tone and not too muddy, its the perfect neutral matte bronzer for adding definition to the face or just for an all over subtle glow. Very pigmented but hard to over-do, I have a few of these. The mini's are essential to travel and versatile to be worn alone or with another shimmer bronzer. Slightly on the more expensive side, but worth every single penny. (p.s. how cute are the limited edition ones with your name on!)

Collection Bronze Glow (£4.19 - Boots) - A well loved bronzer, essential for every day use. I tend to use this on top of contour to give my face overall warmth. Cheap and cheerful you cannot go wrong, giving my large brush a big swirl and literally putting it everywhere. I took this away with me last year and sadly on the way home it smashed due to the airport chucking my case left right and center, so I literally picked a new one up the next day and I haven't looked back. It comes everywhere with me. They also do a bronze mosaic powder which I am yet to try, but looks just as good.

Nyx Matte Bronzer (£8 - Boots) - Again, another thing that is reached for constantly. Mainly used for contour, I apply this to the cheek bones on a daily basis. I have the shade light, which was kindly brought for me by my good friend Sophie (check out her blog - and have loved it ever since. Not too harsh but very pigmented, it creates the best dimensions and really makes my face look slimmer. A little more expensive than the collection one, but I could not go without it.

Benefit Dew the Hoola (£24.50 - Boots) - I picked this up by chance when I went on holiday last year (you know when you want to buy something off the plane as it's cheaper but you feel pressured to pick something in 0.5 seconds) so I chose this and I got it for around £18. I used it for contour to start with which I didn't like for very long, so now I add this in with my foundation to make it a little darker. To be fair, it's an absolute ball ache having to buy two foundations (especially my higher end ones), so this is a life saver. I hate the thought of wasting my money as I'm just so pale in the winter, and fake tanning is just a chore for me, so I tend to go with the milk bottle look. This adds a subtle glow to the foundation and makes it match my slight tan pretty well. I know there are a lot more that are actually made for this purpose on the market, but this works for me.

Collection Precision Contouring (£3.99 - Superdrug) - This was just something I picked up off chance, as I had heard so many people talking about it. I haven't used this as much as I'd like to, but I know I will reach for it more in the winter, as it's just the most perfect light shade. It adds definition effortlessly and it's just so easy to blend. It's a lot more cool toned hense why I'd say its better for winter, but there's a lot of product there, so where will you go wrong?

What bronzers do you tend to reach for during the summer months?

Geo x



  1. "The milk bottle look" favourite saying in the whole post 😂 Loved the post, I'm always struggling to find a decent bronzer I love the Hoola one but it is a tad on the pricey side!


    Soph |

    1. Its a regular occurrence for me haha! and thankyou! I love the Collection one it does everything I want so I find myself reaching for that one more, and I can't get over how cheap it is!

      Thank you for your lovely comment! Xxx


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